Своєчасне видалення накипу збереже Вашу кавову машину в чудовому стані, і вона надалі зможе готувати Ваші улюблені напої високої якості. TASSIMO повідомить Вас, коли буде потрібно видалити накип, за допомогою червоного індикатора «видалення накипу».


Ознайомтесь з цією інформацію, щоб дізнатися про видалення накипу в Вашій кавовій машині.

  • descaling step 1

    Step 1/20

    Remove the water tank from the TASSIMO machine and prepare 500ml of descaling solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. To find out more about descaling solution click here.
  • descaling step 2

    Step 2/20

    Take out the Service T DISC from the back of the machine.
  • descaling step 3

    Step 3/20

    Replace the water tank containing the descale solution onto the machine.
  • descaling step 4

    Step 4/20

    Insert the Service T-Disc in the brewing unit with the barcode face down and close the clamp down firmly.
  • descaling step 5

    Step 5/20

    Place a suitable container (min. 500ml) under the drink outlet.
  • descaling step 6

    Step 6/20

    Press and hold the Start/Stop button for at least 5 seconds to start the descaling program.
  • descaling step 7

    Step 7/20

    The descaling program starts and dispenses hot water into the container. The process takes around 20 minutes.
  • descaling step 8

    Step 8/20

    The orange Standby light comes on after 20 minutes to indicate that the first stage of the process is complete.
  • descaling step 9

    Step 9/20

    Empty the container of used descale solution and place back under the drink outlet of the machine.
  • descaling step 10

    Step 10/20

    Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill up to the MAX mark with cool, fresh water.
  • descaling step 11

    Step 11/20

    Replace the water tank onto the machine.
  • descaling step 12

    Step 12/20

    Open and close the brewing unit keeping the Service T DISC in place on the T DISC holder.
  • descaling step 13

    Step 13/20

    Ensure the container is placed under the drink outlet of the machine.
  • descaling step 14

    Step 14/20

    Press the Start/Stop button to flush the descale solution from the system.
  • descaling step 15

    Step 15/20

    The process starts and dispenses hot water into the container.
  • descaling step 16

    Step 16/20

    Empty the container and repeat another 4 times.
  • descaling step 17

    Step 17/20

    Now open the brewing unit and remove the Service T DISC. Wipe down the brewing unit and barcode scanner with a soft, damp cloth.
  • descaling step 18

    Step 18/20

    Remove the water tank and return the Service T DISC to the storage compartment at the back of the machine.
  • descaling step 19

    Step 19/20

    Replace the water filter if removed earlier and fill the water tank with cool fresh water up to the MAX mark and replace onto the machine.
  • descaling end

    Step 20/20

    Your TASSIMO has now been descaled and is ready for use again.